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Uganda Bridge Federation Successfully Introduces Bridge at UMEA Solidarity Games 2024

Uganda Bridge Federation Successfully Introduces Bridge at UMEA Solidarity Games 2024

The Uganda Bridge Federation (UBF) is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of its bridge demonstration at the UMEA Solidarity Games 2024, held at Masaka Secondary School from March 28th to April 1st, 2024.

The UMEA Solidarity Games, which began over three decades ago in 1989, have been instrumental in promoting unity among Muslim-founded schools, nurturing talents, advancing Islamic values, and preparing teams for national championships. The games, traditionally organized during the Easter holiday period, have become a cornerstone event in the Ugandan school sports calendar.

In a landmark collaboration, the UMEA Solidarity Games partnered with the Uganda Bridge Federation to introduce the intellectual card game of bridge to over 1500 students participating in the 2024 edition. Hajj Kiteezaala Twahil, Chairman of the UMEA Solidarity Games, expressed the association’s commitment to officially adding mind games, including bridge, to future editions of the games. He encouraged school representatives to embrace mind sports, especially bridge, to prepare for upcoming competitions.

Hajj Lwembawo Kyagulanyi Hussein, General Secretary of the UMEA Solidarity Games and Chairman of Mind Sports in the Uganda Secondary Schools Sports Association (USSSA), announced that bridge had been included in this year’s Secondary Schools National Mind Sports Championship scheduled for October at Wakisha Resource Centre.
Led by Egulwa Reagan, General Secretary of the Uganda Bridge Federation, the technical team conducted bridge demonstrations, teaching students the technicalities of bidding, play strategy, play memory, and bridge scoring over the four-day event. Students from different schools formed bridge partnerships and actively participated in the demonstrations.
Wamanya Linus, President of the Uganda Bridge Federation, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to showcase bridge at the UMEA Solidarity Games. He emphasized bridge’s role in improving students’ mathematics, decision-making skills, and critical thinking, underscoring its importance in educational institutions.

The Uganda Bridge Federation looks forward to further collaboration with educational institutions and sports associations to promote bridge and enhance intellectual development among students across Uganda.
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