Uganda Bridge Federation



Bridge Esports games are exploding! After the success of the Olympic Virtual Series in 2021, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) launched the “ Olympic Esports Week” competition in 2023 , which took place in Singapore from June 22 to 25. On this occasion, the bridge was highlighted through live demonstrations in its dedicated stand ! Bridge under the guidence of World Bridge Federation was among the disciplines selected to compete at the Olympic Esports Week (“OEW”) in Singapore, June 19-25, organized by the International Olympic Committee. The WBF, together with the platform providers BBO and Funbridge, had a pavilion at the Free-To-Play Zone (“FTPZ”) the IOC provided for a limited number (10-15) of its recognised “International Federations” during the OEW. It was a great achievement and honour for Bridge to have been selected as one of them, to showcase Bridge progress and activities in the field of electronic sports. It was an important opportunity for all Bridge, players, stakeholders, NBOs as well as the WBF, to showcase Bridge as a modern sport – adopting the latest technology, including Artificial Intelligence.